My first Solidworks Class Final Project

I started learning Soidworks(SW) at my local community college in the fall semester of 2013. After 2 weeks of classes, Colorado experienced a flood that restricted my movement to town for many months. I made an arrangement to send the assignments to the SW instructor via email. My SW education was then reading the textbook and learning what I could from the internet. The final project for the class was open-ended and I chose to model an 8 harness loom that I have. I learned a lot by taking on such a large project and used many different techniques.

Solidworks model of an 8 harness loom

These are a few of the techniques I used:

  • I used top-down design with assembly layout sketches for the heddle lifting mechanisms
  • Toolbox hardware, as well as custom, created hardware with the different configuration for multiple sizes
  • Default mates for faster insertion of parts in assemblies
  • Subassemblies in assemblies for repeated identical heddles mechanisms
  • Animated explosions and reusing the subassemblies explosions
  • Rendering video
  • Design tables driven configurations
  • and many more
Close up of the heddles

Since I was not sure if I would be able to attend the final presentation I created a video of the part explosion and shared it on youtube for the class to watch. You can still see it here

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